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Yvonne Kavita
aman  (she/her)

Getting in contact with oneself appears to me to be more creative than an ambiguous process without a specific goal - as an individual flow that flows into an infinitely wide and deep body of water.

Interwoven with strands that meet - connect and separate again without ever losing each other.  


I will accompany you, offering a safe and warm place where you can experience detached at your own pace. The experience that each and every one of you will have is at the center of our units. 

FotosBYJakobGsöllpointner_Walter Oberbramberger_3dObjekt by Martin Winterleitner_Collage by YKMANN

Exploring cultural concepts and

deepen social anthropology as well

into gender studies have my artistic

The work delivered a wealth of content - offered me new perspectives.  


By performing myself I became courageous

to actively produce music and sound

- explore my voice, insturmente

to take it in hand and improvise without hesitation.


I have been actively involved with yoga for over ten years.

It was a big playground for me and as diverse as my life was at that time, the styles and directions were so different

that I have experienced.  Kundalini Yoga has always been a part of my practice. Deepening in this direction took time,   only when major changes took place in my life

I could see clearly. Yes I am ready.  

Art, community, ecstasy and the endless urge to create and build lies in the fields of the experienced in me.

A vibrant time in the wide and rich worlds of the arts and events scene, embedded in cooperative and collective spaces in which I chose and learned my tools.

A large number of costumes, masks, performances, stage designs, photographs, videos and event concepts have been created in recent years. Recurring themes in these works have been and remain identity, body perception, sexuality, rituals and transformation, in diverse and diverse environments.

Blender_3d Objekt_Collage_Martin Winterleitner_YKMANN.jpg
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