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Intention - Inspiration - Inclusion



Everything in the universe is vibration and sound,

our bodies also vibrate at their own frequencies. We consist of about 70% water, so we are able to perceive the vibrations in all their subtleties, our complex system reacts, starts moving and vibrates with it.  


Silence also gets in our units  their space and we consciously connect with the smallest particles that surround us. Our focus follows our intention and we enter healing states of calm and relaxation.  


The interaction of  Sound and Yoga is a very old tradition and is closely connected to the use of one's own voice and intuitively played instruments. We know our voice to be opened over the singing of mantras the tones and intuitive singing and dive into deep processes of a release. I invite you to become a part of a sound space , to receive the sound, to absorb it with your whole body, to listen and to actively become part of these spaces. 

Movement as transformative  Process - as the liveliest part of our lives that simply cannot be captured.

Movement in socio-political contexts -

as breaking up of patterns of perception ,  rigid ideas of

Gender norms, body images and stereotypes.

let's die  celebrate diversity,  our bodies our being

in constant motion.


Movement as an ongoing process of reflection of our  inscribed stories and experiences.

Movement as dynamic  immerse yourself in artistic confrontations with people.

Movement as drive, movement as collective movement .




Movement as an act. Who do we make heard? Who do we give?  our attention ?   

Through  that in question  put  Spots are also directed towards one's own identity

- unknown stage sets  show  her shape.

What do you see?  

Through the conscious and   active action  changes

our surroundings - our perspectives, that  until now  

for  true  believed  moves  himself,  becomes ambiguous and fluid - in motion.

Let's give diversity the space it needs to grow.  

We all have the opportunity to open, generate and maintain spaces in which diversity not only finds space

-  but who only begin to come alive through them.

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